Anti-Bullying Film

We wanted to make anti-bullying film for primary aged children. We asked ourselves the question “What makes children safe and happy?” We came up with lots of answers: play, sun, love, books and pets for example. 

However, we also think that all children should know how to report bullying if it ever happens to them.  Why? Because research shows that primary students with Special Educational Needs are twice as likely to be bullied than their peers. 

You can read a BBC news report about this research here:

You can read a report by the Institute of Education here:

In this post, the inclusive group AbPhab describes how we made the film.
By Shannon, Julia, Andre and Hayley. 


Everyone at AbPhab made a stop motion film.

Some young people came up with ideas for the film.

Some young people made props.

Other people used a camera to shoot the film.

We all worked as a team and everyone had fun.


Our film has a very positive message about children and safety.

We hope that adults and children will watch our film and smile.

We hope that people will learn from our film.


We made a list of how to keep children safe and happy. shane


We thought that children are happy if they have things like pets, love, friends, music, places to play and healthy food.


Children need help to stay safe as they grow up. They should know what to do when they are bullied. We think that adults, parents, teachers and carers should tell children to report bullying.


Reporting is important. Reporting helps us understand when, how and why young people are bullied. Disabled primary children in the UK are more likely to be bullied than other children.


Together, we can STOP bullying if we REPORT bullying.

Reporting must be accessible for all children. This means that children who need help with writing, speaking, communicating or remembering should have easy ways to report bullying.

Here is our film:

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