How can we make ourselves and everyone else safe? By reporting people who bully.  We have listed some ways to report bullying below. 

There are many different ways to report bullying and hate crime.  We’ve listed some below.

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You can report a hate crime or incident to the police.

You can visit your local Police Station in person.

You can report it to the police online by using the True Vision website  You can ask a friend or carer to help you answer the questions on the site if you need help.

If it is an emergency you can call 999

You can use a website developed by the Police to report hate crime.

The website is called True Vision and you can access the site using this address:

You can report a hate crime using an online form. Here is the link to the firm:

If you need help, a friend or carer can help you fill out the form:

Borough Reporting


You can contact the council in your borough.

Some councils provide information and helpful telephone numbers on their websites.

Some councils have Hate Crime Officers.

Some boroughs have special services or units that deal with Hate Crimes or Hate Incidents.

Reporting Centres


Some people like to work with reporting centres. You can contact a reporting centre by visiting a reporting centre in person or talking to them over the phone.

Places like the Citizens Advice Bureau are reporting centres. Some charities and volunteer organisations are reporting centres as well.

Many people like reporting centres because they think they friendly, understanding and useful.

Reporting Centres work with other people and organisations like the police, schools, councils and  housing associations.



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