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Hate Crime Awareness week, 2016

 Julia from Eastside Community Heritage reports on Hate Crime Awareness week, 2016

It was Hate Crime Awareness Week and we all gathered at Dagenham Library to talk with children, parents and carers about bullying and hate crime. We handed out t-shirt, made badges and shared ideas. Here is our video from the day. We hope you enjoy it.

A  Jack Petchy Award for a talented young woman at the AbPhab Youth Club. Ab Phab Deputy Manager, Louise Harris reports:


Georgina receives her award at Ab Phab

Georgina was nominated by her peers at youth club because of her amazing upbeat attitude which was noticed by one member in particularly who said “taking part in sports hall some more and trying really [hard] with the sports.”

Georgina is a firm believer in making sure you give everything your best shot. Members have commented that she inspires them to play more sports in the gym and that an impairment/ disability is no reason to be isolated.

Georgina makes all new members feel at ease and is a great encouragement to others who feel overwhelmed and dishearten by their own disabilities.


More and more people with disabilities are using social media to  talk about important issues and share ideas and learning. The team from AbPhab reports on Skype:

Being safe on Skype

Author: AbPhab Youth Club

The older members of the youth group, Ab Phab, worked with the younger members to share ideas about keeping safe.