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Camden People First

Julia went to visit Camden People First. She met with a group of people from a Learning Disability Hate Crime group and found a friendly and useful service. This is her report.  

Tucked away in Camden is Camden People First. Camden People First is a self-advocacy project run and led by people with learning difficulties.


It’s a friendly and welcoming place where people with a learning disability speak up for themselves, make decisions about their lives, and take action to claim their rights.

Look at their website and you will see that they run a number of different projects as well as a fantastic Learning Disability Hate Crime and Mate Crime project.

Camden People First is also a reporting centre so anyone with a learning disability can talk to them about bullying and hate crime.

The Hate Crime Team  meets every Monday morning to talk about Hate Crime and Mate Crime. The group provides support to people experiencing hate and mate crime.  They also run training sessions for police and schools.

Dawn is the project co-ordinator.