Healthy, fun and safe

Last night members of AbPhab talked about making a film for anti-bullying week.

AbPhab people from all ages (11 – 30)  helped with planning the film.

Anti-bullying week starts on the 17th of November and it finishes on the 21st of November.

Our film will tell people how to stay healthy, happy and safe.

Our friend, Sarah, helped us plan our film. Sarah is an artist. You can see Sarah’s website here:

We wrote down all our ideas about staying happy and safe.

Chloe said that playing with her cousins made her smile.







Shannon said that talking to friends made her feel happy.





Andre said that reading comics and meditating made him feel good.







We had lots of ideas.








We wrote them all down.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset






Here is our list of ways that young people can be safe, happy and well.

  • Play games
  • Make art
  • Dress up
  • Go on stage
  • Dance
  • Talk to friends
  • See films
  • Read comics
  • Watch a bit of T.V.
  • Pay games on computers
  • Ride bikes
  • Eat apples
  • Join clubs

We all agreed that laughing and having fun is very important.













Our film will carry an important message.

It will say that bullying stops you from feeling happy and safe.

It will say that bullying should be reported.













Many people with a disability don’t report bullying.

They don’t report bullying because it can be hard to fill in a form.

It can be hard to know where to report bullying.

Sometimes people don’t report bullying because they think no-one will take them seriously.









We want to change this.

We want to encourage people with a disability to report bullying.

We want to make reporting easier for everyone.

Hopefully, our film will encourage people to report bullying.

Ab Phab Youth Club is an inclusive youth club for young people aged 11-17. 

Ab Phab 18+ Group is an inclusive group for those aged 18 and over.  

You can read about AbPhab on this website:

Art Project



Over the last two years, the young people at Ab Phab worked on an art project. We visited galleries like the National Gallery, The Tate Modern and The Maritime Museum.  We also explored ways to make art.

Our work was shown at Kingsley Hall Community Centre  and it will soon be displayed at Dagenham Library.

You can see a video about our work on our video page.

Lambeth Council: Hate Crime Reporting

Reporting is an important issue and challenge. Sometimes the process of making a hate crime report is difficult. Many forms are too complicated and hard to understand. 

Hayley and Andre report on an Easy Read reporting form developed in Lambeth.


There are 32 boroughs in London. One borough is called Lambeth Council.  Lambeth Council has created a form so that people with learning disabilities can report crimes.

photo 2-2

The form is good because it is easy to understand.  It has pictures that you can relate to.  It has big text.  The form is not good for people who cannot read. However, if you can’t read, you can get someone to read it to you and help you fill it in.

We’d like to see other councils like Barking and Dagenham to so something like this.