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MOPAC’s Hate Crime Strategy

The Mayor wants London “to be the safest global city on earth.” We will need to reduce the level of Hate Crime in London to achieve this goal. AbPhab reports on a new plan to reduce and prevent Hate Crime 

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  1. MOPAC


The Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime  works with the Metropolitan Police Service on policing and crime issues within London. Many people abbreviate the name “Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime” to MOPAC. The Metropolitan Police Service is abbreviated to MPS. Abbreviated means shortened.

2. A plan to reduce Hate Crime


MOPAC has developed a plan to reduce the level of Hate Crime in London.


They developed the plan by talking to different people in London.

3. Hate Crime Statistics


MOPAC says reports about Disability Hate Crimes have gone up. From May 2013 to May 2014 the numbers of Disability Hate Crimes went up from 107 to 121 crimes.

MOPAC says that there are even more Disability Hate Crimes than we know about because people don’t report them. This is known as under-reporting. MOPAC wants to reduce all forms of Hate Crime.

4. The Hate Crime Strategy

The Hate Crime Strategy sets out the plan to stop hate crime.

You can read the draft easy read Hate Crime plan here.

The final plan will be available online in March, 2015. THANKS-TO-easy-on-the-eye (1)

Lambeth Council: Hate Crime Reporting

Reporting is an important issue and challenge. Sometimes the process of making a hate crime report is difficult. Many forms are too complicated and hard to understand. 

Hayley and Andre report on an Easy Read reporting form developed in Lambeth.


There are 32 boroughs in London. One borough is called Lambeth Council.  Lambeth Council has created a form so that people with learning disabilities can report crimes.

photo 2-2

The form is good because it is easy to understand.  It has pictures that you can relate to.  It has big text.  The form is not good for people who cannot read. However, if you can’t read, you can get someone to read it to you and help you fill it in.

We’d like to see other councils like Barking and Dagenham to so something like this.