AbPhab inclusion



After listening to the video, talk to your friends and family and think about these questions:

  1. Louise describes the AbPhab Youth club as inclusive. What does inclusive mean?
  2. One young person says they were accused of being transgendered because they had short hair. Can you tell if someone is gay, lesbian or even transgendered by looking at their haircut?
  3. Many young people like AbPhab because it’s a fun and non-judgemental space where difference doesn’t matter. Think about your own life. Where do you feel safe and respected for who you are?
  4. Finally, the video ends with a piece of written work by a young person. It says that name calling is just as bad as punching. What is disablist language ?

If you want to be involved in an inclusive youth club then please see The AbPhab Youth Club www.abphabyouthclub.btck.co.uk/



Thank you for taking the time to listen to our video.

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