Welcome and Keynote


A welcome from Eastside and AbPhab

Keynote: Cllr Darren Rodwell addresses the conference.


After listening to the video, talk to your friends and family and think about these questions:

  1. Our conference is online. Why is an online conference such a good way to reach a lot of people?
  2. Our conference has speakers from our East London community who want to talk about bullying. What motivated them to take part in our event?
  3.  You always need to be safe online. How can you be safe when you use Facebook?

If you want to learn more about Facebook, please check out this video we discovered on YouTube from the Solihull Action through Advocacy



Thank you for taking the time to join in our conference.

As you listen to our videos, and talk with your family and friends, please complete Eastside’s Certificate of Learning to show that you have joined in with our conference.

Hey, can you please share your learning with others?

If we learn one more thing about disability or bullying, we can help make the world a safer and happier place for everyone.